Top Six Robotics Companies Making Coolest Robots

We are living in the era of robotics and automation. Robotics is fascinating everyone by the wonders it is exhibiting in different fields including health, defense, industries, and homes. Many robotics companies are performing vast research to come up with new products every year. Furthermore, large organizations are investing a lot of money in the field of robotics as they foresee the potential of gaining huge profit in this area.

Some of the top companies contributing to the emerging field of robotics and developing some of the coolest robots are mentioned below:

Boston Dynamics

With the slogan of “Changing your idea of what robots can do,” this company is conducting an awesome research in the field of robotics. It is owned by Alphabet, Inc – the parent organization of Google. The robots made by them, in one word, are “stunning.” Interestingly, their robots can climb walls, run like a cheetah, jump to the buildings’ roofs, mobilize heavy objects and walk through the rough terrains. Some of their robots include Handle, SpotMini, Atlas, Spot etc.

Rhex - A Bio-Inspired Robot by Boston Dynamics
Rhex – A Bio-Inspired Robot by Boston Dynamics


They focus on making cool robots for cleaning purposes. Some of them are Roomba, a vacuum cleaner, Braava, robot mops and Mirra, a pool cleaner robot.

Roomba - A Vacuum Cleaner Robot - Top Robotics Companies
Roomba – A Vacuum Cleaner Robot

Touch Bionics

Touch Bionics provides good products for people with upper limb deficiencies, so, it focuses on the prosthetic side of robotics.

Virtu-Limb by Touch Bionics - Top Robotics Companies
Virtu-Limb by Touch Bionics

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman is a leading security solutions company providing innovative products for governments and commercial customers. They have some fantastic combat robots worth seeing.

Bat Unmanned Aircraft System
Bat Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

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Rethink Robotics

This company focuses on collaborative technologies for industrial purposes. One of their awesome products is ‘The Sawyer’ which is equipped with a lot of cool features.


Anki is a big name in toy robotics for kids. Their products include ‘Anki Overdrive’, ‘Cozmo’ and ‘Fast and Furious’ which are fabulous for fun and learning. Furthermore, these robots are able to integrate with mobile apps multiplying their features and providing easy-to-use interface. Here is a video of Cozmo, to let you have a look on this cutest robot.

Robotics companies that are vigilant to be ahead of others in research and development will surely occupy the whole market of robotics in near future. We hope to see other companies contribute to the development of robotics products with the purpose of the ease and betterment of humanity.

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Toyota Tests its Human Support Robot for a US War Veteran

The in-home Human Support Robot(HSR) made by Toyota completed its first trial in assistance with Camargo, a US war veteran, in North America.

A news release by Toyota mentions that Romy Camargo who was paralyzed below his neck during his deployment in Afghanistan provided his assistance for the trial. The HSR exhibited some basic tasks successfully during the test such as opening doors, holding a water bottle and other small objects.



[mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”18″ bg_color=”#1e73be” txt_color=”#ffffff”]“When they opened the box, and I saw the robot, I figured we would unfold the next chapter in human support robots helping people with disabilities – like this research is going to change the world,” said Camargo, recalling his first reaction to the HSR.[/mks_pullquote]

Toyota has developed the HSR to help people in their everyday activities. It is lightweight yet it covers a large workspace using its articulated arm and a telescoping body. This robot uses a camera and sensors to detect different objects and its environment to move indoor flawlessly. It uses efficient object recognition and grasp planning algorithms. Moreover, it performs tasks with a rather lower power and a slower speed to have a safer interaction and to prevent accidents. The robot receives commands using a simple GUI on mobile devices making it easy-to-use for a paralyzed person.

Other Projects in this Area

Toyota has been working on many other projects related to human assistance. Some of them include Walk Assist Robot and Care Assist Robot for patients. The company has established a separate institute named as Toyota Research Institute. It also shows Toyota’s concern for mobility assistance and in-home robotics applications and the large business it can get from this area.

Some other companies are also working in the field of human assistance robotics such as Hyundai who has worked on wearable robots for walking assistance. Foreseeing the huge profit bearing opportunities, these companies are investing a lot of resources in the field.

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